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My name is Geoffrey Pitts.

My father Michael Rodney PITTS  immigrated to Australia from the UK with his parents,
Eric George PITTS (aka Mac) and Mabel Ina (PERREN) (aka Tim), post WWII, arriving in March 1949.

I can provide family information on this Australian branch of the PITTS family tree.

I would also be very interested to hear from relatives worldwide with regard to their branch of the tree.

News Update: 24 November 2012
A while ago I participated in the Pitts DNA Project. The results showed a connection to another branch of the Pitts family, also originating from Reading, Berkshire, England, which is where my oldest known ancestor came from.

The Pitts DNA Project administrators took research information provided by both families and with the assistance of the Berkshire Record Office in England and the Guild of One Name Studies (Pitts) in England, it was determined that both Pitts lines were descendants of John Pitts, b 1767,  and Sarah Povey.

More recently a match was found with the Pitt surname, and subsequently further DNA marker testing has been performed to confirm this Pitts - Pitt relationship. Further research is needed to find the common ancestor here (both DNA and paper trail research), so if you are a Pitts or a Pitt I encourage you to log on to FTDNA and order a test.


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