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The excellent Virtual Pipe Organ program known as jOrgan deserves first mention on this website, even if chronologically it belongs at the end.

For my jORGAN DISCOVERY website, click HERE. This website was created to assist new users of jOrgan to download and install it on their computers successfully, and to begin enjoying its features.

For my jORGAN INDEX PAGE, click HERE. This webpage lists the various VPO’s I have created for use with jOrgan, along with a number of articles I have written which are relevant to jOrgan.

This “REIMER ORGANS” website gives a brief history of a project in which a life-long love for the sounds of the pipe organ led to a determined attempt on the part of an electrical engineer and organist, turned clergyman,  to produce those sounds using electronic means, but at a much more affordable cost than that of the traditional instrument.

You will find also an indication of the design philosophy which drove it, along with suggestions of how it might be of use to other organ enthusiasts.

The website was revised slightly in 2008, and the final revision was made in 2018.

I can be contacted by email by using the Private Message provisions on the jOrgan-User Discussion Forum. You must look for one of my many posts on that Forum, and probably you must firstly register on the jOrgan Mailing List. For the details of how to do this, click HERE.

                                                                                  John Reimer

                                                                                  Sydney    2018