Day 2 - Jingellic to Tumbarumba - 44 km

First Ride breakfast, and I discovered that I still have some deep-rooted psychological problem with eating before dawn. I get the food in my mouth and then feel like retching. It upset me that I couldn't as I knew I needed the energy. It was only much later in the week that someone suggested a solution (of making myself jam sandwiches, and taking them on the bike.)

Also it was the first of the 'busting to go to the loo' syndrome to be experienced all week - when you wake up, but, because the toilet trucks are parked way over, on the way to breakfast, you hold it in while you dress, start rolling up sleeping gear, wake kids, supervise them getting dressed, before heading over to the loo and breakfast. I'm sure it isn't that good for you to do that!

Back to the tent, and the first packing up job, which we gradually refined over the week. Then, 'on yer bike' and off we went.

Day 2 and 3 have blurred into one for me a bit... with both having significant climbs. Alison and I were very proud of ourselves for riding them, while many others walked. Some people were doing a longer 70km option, but we were quite content to do the 44km.

As we were too busy riding UP.. well, just _riding_, we just didn't stop to take photos. I'm thinking of purchasing the Top Shots photo CD.. (they did the professional photos of the ride).. and coming back and including some of their shots here - seems I would be allowed to use them on one domain.) From what I can see of their thumbnails, they really did capture the essence of the scenery.. things that Alison and I commented on as we rode past. I didn't realise Alison didn't really know anything about hay bales. "What are they, Mum?"

Tumbarumba was a nice campsite.. lots of trees. And we found a place to camp on the 'fringes'. (Later days other people cottoned onto the idea of camping away from the heat of the oval, and under trees, although by then, the outskirts were of very dry grass with prickles and 'cat eyes'. We scored the jackpot at Tumba!!)

So this was what we took up and down each night! A larger dome tent, that of course copped some flack ("got the kitchen sink in there?").. but the reality was that it slept 3 (wouldn't have been room for a fourth sleeping mat).. and had a vestibule area that kept all the bags and stuff out inside and out of any potential rain, and dew. Caitlin and Alison managed to share the little dome. It wasn't without drama, but overall they did ok. And we were unique. We were doing it all with a family of 5 , so we reckoned we were allowed to have a bigger tent!

I must take a photo of the travel pillows that we bought. (Meantime there's a link.) Dubbed 'buy of the Ride' by all of us by the end. Some of us even used them in preference to the motel pillows either side of the Ride. (We got small ones, and they were good.)

Once we had the tent up, and had a bit of a rest, Marc headed to the pool with the girls, and I washed out shirts and nix again, and then joined them. Felt good to do a few laps. Hydrotherapy! Cold treatment on sore muscles. (Felt silly that I'd told the girls not to bring their goggles - they ignored me and brought them anyway - as I had to borrow Cait's!) We didn't bother checking out "Tumbafest". The pool was good enough for us, and set the scene for the preferred afternoon activity at every camp!

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