Day 3 - Tumbarumba to Tumut - 71.8km

As I said, Day 2 and 3 sort of blurred into one for me, at any rate. Marc and Caitlin have a clearer memory, and have tried to remind me, but the whole ride must have taken its toll on my memory as well as my body!!

I do remember that after a significant climb we ended up in apple orchard country. (Seeing we were heading to Batlow that made sense!) One consolation was that the altitude meant that it was a bit cooler than it might have been. Those photos on the index page were taken there.

The locals put up tantalising signs as morning tea approached, and the local service clubs had a nice 'treed' setting to sell us fruit and cakes.

The lunch at Batlow (after a hoot of a downhill run) was less "leafy" than I expected, and that was the day of the weird 'corn on the cob in a bit of bread' lunch. From the profile I was expecting a nice flat run into Tumut, but all I remember is that my bum was killing me, the last stretch down the highway into town was a shocker, and I was cursing my decision to buy a "better" saddle just before we came. The only thing keeping me going was the thought that 'tomorrow is a rest day". In reality we got in around 1.30 pm, so in hindsight - ie. after Day 8 - it wasn't too bad.

It was pretty damned hot putting up the tent. Poor Zoe got a nose bleed.. but we set up, and then got a phone call from Derek, the 'old' friend we were catching up with. We made arrangements to meet him and 4 of his 5 kids (!) at the pool.

We spent half an hour or so there before they arrived. Once they did, Alison and Marguerite, his eldest, 11 yr old, hit it off immediately, and we barely saw them.

Used the pool amenities to have a shower, so we didn't have much to do before going out to dinner with them; Derek dropping his lot at the Chinese restaurant, then coming to pick us up.

The next couple of photos could actually be stitched together into a panorama. I learnt how to do it once, but I've forgotten, and I just don't have the time or patience to fiddle with it at the moment. So, imagination please! You can see our tents in the second photo, nearly in the shade of the big tree, and with one other little one. There are probably a few less tents camped in Tumut because some would have taken the motel option for the rest days. (In fact we know there were some because they left their tents draped somewhere to dry (from dew), and a willy willy caught one up, and sent it spiralling 20 metres or more up into the air over the campsite.



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