Day 6 - Gundagai to Junee - 65km

The first bit out of Gundagai was quite cool - a shady road along the river, that unfortunately turned into a few uphill hauls that started taking the energy out of Alison and me.

Morning tea was at a school that over-capitalised on the fundraising aspect, and sold pre-packaged plates of 4 cupcake sized cakes for about $5. Rip off, really. You don't mind supporting the local schools, but not when they take you for a ride (no pun intended.)

It was a small country school of less than 20 students, and they proudly put on a performance on these xylophone type things... 'plink, plink, plink'. When the same repertoire was repeated at another school the next day, the girls were highly amused... "Is this all they learn at these schools?"

Marc and co stuck with us, urging us to stay on their wheel, while Alison and I gradually fell by the wayside as we struggled against an increasing headwind when the road headed north. Couldn't keep the same pace as them, so his urgings and u-turns to wait for us started to rub us the wrong way!

Alison and I actually stopped at one point to take a photo. Lost valuable riding time in doing so, but what the hell.


Lunch was a bit of shocker - dry dry grass and not much shade.

But the kids found one of those roundabouts that you just don't see anymore because of council playground safety paranoia. And had the energy to run around pushing it. (Marc and I are arguing over what they are actually called - he reckons Merry-go-rounds - but I say Merry go rounds have animals that go up and down. He's done a Wikipedia search, and we are both right! And they are dangerous. Imagine falling underneath..


But onwards towards Junee. He gave up on us and went ahead, only beating us by about 10 or 15 minutes. They'd got to the stage of finding a few of the bags and dragging them to where we were going to camp. My main memory of the tent pitching that afternoon was that Caitlin managed to lose the $10 note that Marc had given her to go over and buy cokes for us all (a tradition we'd adopted by then.. yep, even the kids. If they were going to ride that far, we'd even let them drink coke!)

She had refused (in typical 'I know better' fashion) to take the note in a purse.. and it had then blown out of her pocket. Imagine Marc's reaction. To her credit she had the guts to walk around asking people if they'd seen a ten dollar note blowing around.. and amazingly someone had (turned out to be tandem friends.) She got lucky.

We wasted half an hour waiting for the bus, and, given the heat, and time, decided to 'do' the pool first. So much for the big sales pitch given by the Junee tourism guy the night before. The you-beaut Aquatic Centre with the waterslides only operated the waterslides in school holidays.

Crazily enough, despite the heat, it was cool in the water. The kids gravitated to an indoor heated pool and played games. Bizarre.

We ran out of time, energy and patience and didn't use our purchased tourist cards to go anywhere else, and we ended up walking back to the camp site, via a takeaway and a quick snack of hot chips sitting on a grassy traffic island!!

But Junee, I hope you appreciated our generous donation to your tourism fund.


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