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Run by Bicycle NSW, it was a nine day, 500km ride through the Eastern Riverina...
... from
Holbrook to Binalong
Saturday 25 February - Sunday 5 March 2006

We did it.
It was BIG !!!!

It's a bit of a challenge to document the whole expedition, but Marc has been at me to get this finished!!

My mind has been a bit foggy on some of the details of the daily slog (wonder why?!!) .. and I first started this report as a retrospective blog, which didn't really work. Finally, I've transferred it to web page format, and with the help of the 'better' memories in the family, I think I've managed to record it all for posterity.

Each page is a day, and links to the next, but I've done a menu down the side for convenience.

Of course any good expedition starts with the preparations and the effort of getting there to begin with!


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