OziMoto Huntsman 8C 3500 Coupe

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A restoration of an

Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B "Mille Miglia" Corto Spyder


Alfa Romeo often rebodied used racing chassis for customers. One such car found its way to a German SS officer, and it was rebodied as you see in the following pics. This was a rather individual body, differing from other surviving examples, particularly in the front wings.

In that fatefull workshop....

Things did not continue to go well for the SS Officer, so he entrusted the car to the care of a philosopher friend, who dismantled it, stored the parts in different locations, and waited out the war.

Once the war was over, he and a mechanic friend re-assembled it, and took it out for a drive, whereupon it was promptly "requisitioned" by some US soldiers, and went to America.

It ended up a writeoff in a workshop fire in the sixties, and the remains were bulldozed into a hole.

In the eighties a collector tracked it down and dug it up.

Replicating the SS Officer's Farina body would not have yielded as valuable a car as building a replica of the 1938 Mille Miglia winning car driven by Biondetti, so, guess what?

The original had raced before it was rebodied by Farina, so it was an acceptable use of the chassis, making it a restoration rather than a replica.....

Later auctioned for a mere $4,000,000........