The Sunbeam Owners’ Club of NSW


The Sunbeam Owners Car Club of NSW was formed to help keep Sunbeams on the road by providing a support network of enthusiasts. The NSW club is part of a national group of Sunbeam Car Clubs.

Although the majority of cars in the club are from the Rootes Group era, pre and post Rootes Group Sunbeams are also catered for by the club. By joining the club you gain access to wealth of knowledge and information on parts availability.

The Club is socially orientated and our calendar includes monthly meetings, display days, runs to scenic spots in and around Sydney, an annual dinner, a Christmas party and the Sunbeam Nationals.

Anyone who owns, would like to own, or merely has an interest in the Sunbeam Marque is invited to join. Membership currently costs $50.00 annually with a $5.00 joining fee. A monthly magazine is produced and is available in either hardcopy via snailmail or pdf format via email (email = $5 reduction in membership fees).

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40th Sunbeam National Rally

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