In the Windows 7 course you will learn about computer equipment, mouse control, how to follow a path, how menu boxes work, how to create folders and files. Computer software is explained, also filing systems and how to save your work safely, how to use Wordpad, how to use toolbar commands, how to move text, how to correct mistakes and how to combine mouse and keyboard commands.
Sony Vegas now on USB
Windows 10
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Windows 7 now on USB
Internet & email now on USB
Photo story 3 now on USB
Facebook now on USB
Skype now on USB
In this course you’ll learn how to navigate your way around the World Wide Web. You’ll go to the Amazon book site. You’ll learn how to print out pages and sections of a website. You'll visit radio stations, check road maps, zoom from outer space right down onto your street! You’ll learn all about how to write and send emails, attach pictures, choose typefaces, colours and backgrounds, how to create an address book and how to send copies of the emails you write or receive to others.
Photo Story 3 teaches you how to gather together your photographs, sort them into a logical, story-telling order and then load them into the program so you can create a slide show of your activities, be it a holiday, a birthday party, family gathering or whatever. You’ll learn how to add transitions and music and then create a movie file you can send to your family and friends.
The facebook course will teach you how to set-up your own facebook account, add friends and photographs and post items onto your pages. You can add your favourite music, movies, TV shows and books. Facebook is an excellent way to stay in touch with your friends and family, but remember it is very public.
Skype is a great way to make phone and video calls for free! The Introduction course will teach you how to set-up your own account and add your own personal phone book. You’ll learn how to make conference calls and if you have a web cam you can even make video calls!
Sony Vegas is a video editing program that is your passport to creating Hollywood style videos to entertain and amaze your family! You’ll learn how to compile your videos with special visual effects and how to add sound effects and music. Then you’ll learn how to render your program to create your master file from which you can burn a DVD to watch on your big screen TV at home!.
In the Windows 10 course you will learn about computer equipment, mouse control, how to follow a path. You will learn how to switch between your Desktop window and your Tiles (Start window). You will learn how to set up your email account and how to see events online such as the weather. The course is 2 x 45 minute lessons on USB
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