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The  Threskourion

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The majority of Thracians did not wear armour - it was initially limited to the noble cavalry.  This changed in the fourth century, with many troops (both cavalry and infantry) wearing helmets, and peltasts wearing greaves. There was a marked difference between northern and southern Thrace, with the northern Thracians wearing Skythian-style panoplies, and the southern Thracians wearing Greek equipment (with Thracian alterations). Thracian warriors commonly used armour that was older than the rest of their equipment, or a mixture of armour and weapons from different styles and periods.  After the Celtic invasion, the pelte may have been replaced by the thureos.  Finally, Thracian troops of the Thracian client-kingdom were equipped "in the Roman style", which may have meant that they wore Roman mail shirts and carried Roman shields.  In these pages, I refer to "Early" and "Later" Thracians - these terms are deliberately vague, but roughly correspond to the Classical   (700 -351 BC) and Hellenistic/Early Roman (350 BC - 46 AD) eras.

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