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The Alexandrovo Tomb - new 4th century Thracian tomb covered in fabulous frescoes!
The Thracian tomb-temple at Starosel
          Starosel news stories
A Thracian silver helmet at the Detroit Institute of Arts
Thracian history (from a nationalistic Bulgarian view)
The Thracian Tomb in Kazanluk, extract from a book by Dafina Vasileva
Vetren - an excavation in Thrace major academic site - plus other Thracian information
The Thracian Peltast
Abdera, from Democritus University of Thrace Link failed 18/4/00
Tetrobol from Abdera Link failed 18/4/00
Lots of other Thracian and Ancient coins
Maroneia Link failed 18/4/00
Stater from Maroneia Link failed 18/4/00 Maronean coin
Mesembria Link failed 18/4/00
The history of Thrace -from a nationalistic Greek view now moved to
(Greek) Thrace and Eastern Macedonia from Democritus University of Thrace
Tetradrachm of Lysimachos, from Thrace, showing Alexander the Great
Search Results for Thracian - search for Thracian in the Classics Archive
English Phrase Search - search for "thrac" at Perseus
Perseus Encyclopedia thrace - search for Thrace and the Thracians in Pereseus encyclopaedia
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Thracian Treasure
Thracian history, a Bulgarian view
National History Museum - has a fabulous collection, well worth a look!
The Institute of Thracology:
Institute of Balkan studies
Institute of History
Sofia Archeological Museum
An Ancient Thracian tomb
Bulgarian-American excavation project near Blagoevgrad in SW Bulgaria   Note: this link does not work directly, but it gets the visitor to the opening page of the American University in Bulgaria and through it (projects - Kajmenska Chuka) you can find the excavation information.  Sorry, a direct link doesn't work.
Bulgarian Archaeological Institute with Museum   - Thracian history by Dimiter Markovski - Thracian history at the West Thracian minorities page. - The Jambol (Cabyle) History Museum - The Roman province of Moesia Thracian genealogies Thracians in Turkey exhibition - quote from Dragan "We the Thracians" (always good for a laugh - the Thracians invaded Rome first, you know) - a web page about Thracian music - the Varna Historical Museum - some photos of Thracian artifacts - the Pernik museum
The Battles of Lynginus and of Pelium, 335 BC
Thracian towns Messembria, Kabyle, Seuthopolis
Thracian architecture - from dolmens to Romans
Ptolemaic coins struck in Thrace
Rufus Sita's official web site - the web site of the 1st century AD Roman auxiliary cavalryman from Thrace.
HMS Thracian - yes, there really is one!
The Roman province of Moesia
The Pernik museum
Download Articles and Classical Sources (Bulgarian Version)
Thracian swords, The Thracian Horseman, Thracian Treasures, and more - extracts from "A History of Bulgaria"
The Thracian tomb at Sveshtari - a virtual visit, well put together, with animations, diagrams, etc - some great pictures and useful text - a personal (Bulgarian) view of Thracian history, with some great pictures of Kulker (mummers), and a lot of text and pictures from this web site! - more about the koukers, which may have been a Thracian or Slavic tradition.
Ovid's life amongst the Getai   - Thracian history at the Sofia Echo, Bulgaria's English language newspaper

BithyniaThe ceiling of the Kazanluk tomb

Tetradrachm of the Bithynian king, Nicomedes III, 128-94 B.C. Bithynian genealogies Bithynian chronology "State Formation in Hellenistic Bithynia: Some Preliminary Thoughts" - The Roman province of Bithynia - The Turkish archaeology database, only has up to the chalcolithic so far, though.

Bulgaria - lots of information about Bulgaria
Modern Bulgaria - the Loney Planet view


Dacia - another "We, the Dacians" site, but some great pictures and information about Dacian archaeology - A terrific virtual Dacian museum
Dacian history from a Rumanian perspective
Photograph of a Geto-Dacian helmet
Dacian history (from the Rumanian government site)
Dacia Regia - Dacian history from Romania
Romanian Map of Thrace and the Thracians
Three Dacian battle reports at the Firefall site - very clear Dacian images from Trajan’s column likewise - quote from Dragan "We the Thracians" (always good for a laugh - the Thracians invaded Rome first, you know) - WAHB Dacian list s/Europe/Italy/Lazio/Roma/Rome/Trajans_Column/home.html - Lacus Curtius’ pictures and links to Dacians and Trajan’s column Civilisation II "Trajan’s Conquest" scenario - Newline Designs Dacians & Thracians - The Roman province of Dacia "The Thracians were Dacians" Sheldon White's advice on how to use a DBM Dacian army, with example armies. - all of Trajan's column.
The Dacians - in Rumanian, but the pictures are good.


Please go to the Paeonia page


Athena Review
Archaeolociga Bulgarica
Ancient History Review


Romanian Map of Thrace and the Thracians

Skythia and the Sarmatians

Please go to the Skythian page

Ancient History/ Warfare

The Internet Classics Archive
Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Links (MEDEA, THE MUSICAL)
Warfare in the Ancient World
Military history: Ancient
E-HAWK Main Page
The Ancient World Web
Luke's Greek shield design pages - beautifully drawn hoplons & a few peltas
The Gutenberg Project - has the complete text of many ancient sources available to be downloaded. Alexander the Great on the Web - marvellous comprehensive link list.   - Peloponnesian War scenario for CIV II - beautifully presented site, fully illustrated fromWarry, good section on ancient warfare, no sources listed, though.
"On 'wagons' and 'shields': Alexander's crossing of Mount Haemus in 335 B.C." by Edmund F. Bloedow, Ancient History Bulletin 10.3-4 (1996). - many ancient texts   - The Thracian DBA army described and discussed in loving detail. Kazanluk tomb Sveshtari tomb
l the Borovo, Vulchitrun, Rogozen treasures


De Bellis Homepagius - DBM Miniatures Wargames
RBS's DBM (De Bellis Multitudinis) Wargames Rules Page
DBM Home Page (Australia)
HWS Antiquity Campaign
Firefall A web page with links to all the various manufacturers of figurines, and lots of other good stuff.


The Society of Ancients
Society of Ancient Military Historians
Northern Sydney Wargames Association (NSWA)

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Turkey - the Turkish archaeology database, lovely site!


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