version 0.2

Fquery (formerly Adelie) is a fast replacement for the equery tool in Gentoo Linux, written in Haskell.

It works on installed packages only, and requires no caching. Fquery's features includes:

I have only tested it with GHC, which can be found in portage (dev-lang/ghc).

Some differences in the behaviour of Fquery and other tools.

Benchmarks between Fquery and equery.

Changes Since 2006-04-30


version 0.2
Source code (11.8 Kb)
Gentoo ebuild (0.4 Kb)
Adelie 2006-04-30
Source code (9.5 Kb)
Gentoo ebuild(0.4 Kb)

Fquery has been tested with portage-2.1_rc1-r2.

Hopefully Fquery will make its way into app-portage/fquery and you can just install it via emerge. Until then, you need to place the ebuild into you portage overlay.


Bugs or contributions? Email me.