So how does Fquery compare to equery? Here are some random tests.

The following results are between Fquery-0.2 (compiled with ghc-6.4-r1) and gentoolkit-0.2.1 (running Python 2.4.2). Note that Python sometimes takes longer than usual to start up, so the times are taken after multiple runs.

Dependency Query

    fquery d xorg-x11 > /dev/null        0.16s user 0.04s system 100% cpu 0.191 total
    equery d xorg-x11 > /dev/null        1.73s user 0.10s system  99% cpu 1.825 total

    fquery d tetex > /dev/null           0.14s user 0.06s system  99% cpu 0.196 total
    equery d tetex > /dev/null           1.71s user 0.12s system  99% cpu 1.826 total

    fquery d gentoo-sources > /dev/null  0.17s user 0.02s system  98% cpu 0.190 total
    equery d gentoo-sources > /dev/null  1.77s user 0.06s system  99% cpu 1.833 total

File Belonging to a Package

    fquery b /usr/bin/equery > /dev/null     0.15s user 0.01s system 98% cpu 0.162 total
    equery b /usr/bin/equery > /dev/null     7.80s user 0.15s system 99% cpu 7.973 total

    fquery b /etc/X11/xorg.conf > /dev/null  1.81s user 0.04s system 99% cpu 1.853 total
    equery b /etc/X11/xorg.conf > /dev/null  7.78s user 0.14s system 99% cpu 7.924 total

Note that Fquery exits as soon as it has found all of the files specified, hence the time difference between the two cases.

File Listing

    fquery f xorg-x11 > /dev/null        0.13s user 0.00s system 98% cpu 0.138 total
    equery f xorg-x11 > /dev/null        1.38s user 0.10s system 99% cpu 1.489 total

    fquery f tetex > /dev/null           0.19s user 0.00s system 100% cpu 0.191 total
    equery f tetex > /dev/null           1.59s user 0.14s system 100% cpu 1.736 total

    fquery f gentoo-sources > /dev/null  0.34s user 0.00s system 99% cpu 0.349 total
    equery f gentoo-sources > /dev/null  2.17s user 0.20s system 100% cpu 2.367 total

USE Description

    fquery u mplayer > /dev/null  0.06s user 0.00s system 96% cpu 0.062 total
    equery u mplayer > /dev/null  0.92s user 0.05s system 99% cpu 0.974 total