Differences to Other Tools

While Fquery tries to emulate the behaviour of equery, some exceptions have been made in cases where equery got it wrong.

Dependency Query: d

The dependency query function takes into account the USE flags a package was installed with.

For example, dev-lang/ghc depends on dev-haskell/haddock only if the doc USE flag is enabled. Suppose it was not enabled at compile time.

ChangeLog Query: c (emerge)

equery has not implemented the changelog function yet, but emerge does have the --changelog tool. However, the two implementations differ.

You can limit the changes to list up to with Fquery, by passing in an argument after the package. Eg:

   fquery c xorg-x11 xorg-x11-6.9.0

will only list changes between the installed and xorg-x11-6.9.0. This can be used to recover the emerge behaviour.