System Requirements

Hopefully not too much. It's only a top-down shooter after all. A Mac port may exist if I had a Mac.

What's New?

Important changes between 0.3.0 and 0.3.1:


You only need one file; the source zips contain the data too.

Version 0.3.1
Gentoo ebuild (1.4 Kb)
Windows installer (6.4 Mb)
Source code (7.3 Mb)

The following music is made by Eric Hamilton (dilvie), under this licence. They are not included in the zips or installer. Music should be copied into raidem/music/.

Level 1: up in ashes (5.1 Mb)
Level 2: half-baked (3.1 Mb)
Level 3: east of the sun (4.9 Mb)
Menu: the dragonfly (765 Kb)


If you plan on compiling Raid'em, you should know that I used Objective-C and so you may need to grab some extra packages from and maybe a new gcc.

You will also need Allegro, libpng and zlib.

Version 0.3 (and above) also requires Freetype 2.1.10 to run (not included).

See raidem/docs/INSTALLING.txt for more instructions.


The ebuild is not yet in Portage, so you will need to put it into your portage overlay:

  1. Copy raidem-0.3.1.ebuild into PORTAGE_OVERLAY/games-arcade/raidem/.
  2. Run ebuild raidem-0.3.1.ebuild digest.
  3. Run emerge raidem.

The USE variables are:

You may also need to fetch AllegroMP3 and AllegroOGG ebuilds from Gentoo Bugzilla.

Music is not fetched by the script, so you should copy them into /usr/share/games/raidem/music/ yourself.