THIS dateline is intended to illustrate chronologically those events that may have been important in the lives of the Tomerong residents. Other entries are included to provide a perspective of what was happening at that time.

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1770    Cook passes Jervis Bay.

1781    Alexander Berry born in Scotland.

1788    The First Fleet arrive in Sydney Cove.

1791    Convict transport enters Jervis Bay en route to Sydney. Leut. Bowen names Jervis Bay.

1797    George Bass enters Jervis Bay.

1801    Leut. Grant visits Jervis Bay.

1805    Kent and Evans explore Jervis Bay.

1811    Surveyor Evans and Governor Macquarie visit Jervis Bay. Cedar cutters in Shoalhaven River valley.

1818    Throsby observes St Georges Basin after exploring Currambene Creek.

1822    Berry and Edwardson survey and map Jervis Bay, St Georges Basin and Sussex Inlet. Berry takes up grant at Coolangatta.

1827    Hoddle surveys coast from Jervis Bay to Moruya.

1829    (Circa) Peter Maguire and James Barham arrive in Colony.

1830    John Lamb’s Erowal grant is authorised, granted in 1837.

1831    Futter and Holman explore a line of road from Nerriga to Jervis Bay.

1835    Deas Thomson selects grant at mouth of Moona Moona Creek.

1836    Joseph Suffolk arrives in Colony.

1839    Private village of Terara is surveyed.

1840    The Wool Road is surveyed. Sydney Stephen is granted Comberton Grange. Government Township of Huskisson approved.

1841    The Wool Road is constructed from Nerriga to South Huskisson. Land sales at Jervis Bay.

1843    Monthly steamer services from South Huskisson to Sydney.

1848    Wool Road seldom used. John Pepper arrives in Colony.

1850    John Parnell mentioned in Berry Papers. Nowra is surveyed.

1851    Gold discovered at Bell’s Creek, Bathurst, Ballarat and Bendigo. Bryce family arrives in Colony.

1852    Nowra is approved as a government township but is slow to develop compared to the thriving Terara.

1854    Bryce family purchase Erowal.

1855    First Public School opened in Shoalhaven at ‘Worragee’. First land sale at Tomerong. Thomas Ganderton arrives in Colony.

1856    Malcolm Mathie and James Watt arrive in Colony.

1857    Road from Parma to Milton surveyed and opened. Road built from Braidwood to Bateman’s Bay. Manslaughter of Ellen Duncombe. Traveller’s Rest Hotel opens. John George Harriss arrives in Colony.

1859    Bridge built at Falls Creek.

1860    Cape St George lighthouse commissioned. Petition for the establishment of a Post Office at Tomerong. Major floods in the Shoalhaven.

1861    Tomerong to South Huskisson Road constructed. Horse racing held at Tomerong. Dent commences shipbuilding at Jervis Bay. Conditional Purchase Land laws passed. Terara trained and owned horse ‘Archer’ wins the first Melbourne Cup.

1862    Post Office and Non-vested School established at Tomerong.

1863    Tomerong to Huskisson Road gazetted.

1865    Coal seam found at Tomerong.

1866    New Ballroom opened by John Parnell. Rust destroys local wheat crop.

1867    Tomerong to Braidwood Road under construction. Thomas Langlands arrives in Colony.

1868    Jannung (Wandandian) Provisional School opens.

1870    Major floods at Terara. The Walter Hood founders south of Jervis Bay, 12 lives lost.

1871    Temperance meetings at Tomerong. Gold mining begins in earnest at Yalwal. Nowra becomes a Municipality. Huskisson Provisional School opens.

1872    (Circa) Erowal partitioned.

1873    Alexander Berry dies in Sydney.

1875    Mathew Craig dismissed after 13 years as Tomerong schoolteacher. Huskisson Post Office established. Tomerong Post Office temporarily closed. Worship no longer permitted in school buildings. Electric telegraph line opened to Ulladulla.

1876    New schoolhouse and Teacher’s residence constructed. The Dandenong is wrecked near Jervis Bay, 40 lives lost.

1877    Tomerong Church Hall opens.

1878    Diphtheria epidemic. Cream separator invented.

1879    Tomerong Church dispute. Two sawmills operating locally.

1881    Jervis Bay Aboriginal Reserve gazetted. Bridge over Shoalhaven River constructed at Nowra.

1882    Tomerong General Store opens. New Public House Licensing Laws passed.

1883    Formation of the Tomerong Cricket Club.

1884    Local bush fires.

1885    New school building constructed. Nowra is proclaimed a town.

1886    Telephone communication established between Nowra and Tomerong.

1887    Depression. New Tomerong Union Church building opened. Falls Creek Provisional school opens.

1888    Malcolm Mathie dies. Centenary celebrations - 100 years since of arrival of first fleet. Victor Schutz arrives in Australia.

1892    William Bryce dies. Tomerong Literary & Debating Society formed.

1893    New school residence constructed. Rail line extended to Bomaderry.

1894    Local bushfires.

1895    Tomerong Creamery Company established.

1896    John Parnell dies. New road deviation east of Tomerong Hill.

1899    Point Perpendicular lighthouse commences operation. Federation Bill passes. Tomerong Progress Association formed. Tomerong locals leave for Boer War.

1900    Local bushfires burning between Tomerong and Jervis Bay.

1901    Pelican Point Park (Tomerong Park) established.

1902    Local bushfires. Tomerong Horse Racing Club re-formed. Tomerong Creamery Company goes into liquidation. Railway Extension League holds meeting at Tomerong. New Racecourse opened. Women awarded elective franchise. Ninety six miners killed in an explosion at Mount Kembla coal mine.

1903    Thomas Langlands (schoolteacher) dies. Thomas Warne patents gold saving machine.

1906    Clyde Shire Council proclaimed.

1907    New Post Office constructed north of the school. Tomerong Tennis Club formed.

1908    Plans for ‘The Greater Erowal Estates’. First meeting in new Clyde Shire Council Chambers. Governor of NSW visits Tomerong. Watt & Mathie’s Sawmill destroyed by fire.

1909    Black Sunday bushfires at Tomerong and St Georges Basin. John Pepper dies. Railway proposed from Federal Capital and Bomaderry to Jervis Bay. First hospital in area opens at Berry.

1910c.  Motor Bus service begins on South Coast Road. Industrial dispute threatened in local sawmills.

1911    Local floods- Falls Creek bridge damaged. Commercial Hotel closes. Diphtheria epidemic.

1912    Building commences on RAN College. Bakery commences operation. James Watt I dies.

1913    Thomas Ganderton dies. Clerk and Engineer purchase cottages from Council.

1914    Falls Creek bridge repair completed. Tomerong to St Georges Basin telephone line erected. WWI commences (1914–1918).

1915    Jervis Bay land transferred to Commonwealth. Community assists WWI relief funds. Sid Watt dies in the Dardanelles.

1916    Clyde Shire forms Recruiting Association.

1917    Land sales at Woollamia and Jervis Bay Estates.

1918    Rowe’s subdivision approved (west of School of Arts). Interest revived in Canberra to JB railway. Robert Smith dies in France.

1919    Local bushfires. Influenza epidemic. Local servicemen return home.

1920    Prince of Wales’ visit to Tomerong. School of Arts plans first submitted. Erowal further sub-divided.

1921    Main South Coast Road renamed Princes Highway.

1922    Jerberra Estate subdivision (east of village).

1924    School P&C formed. Axe Handle factory destroyed by fire.

1925    Local floods.

1926    School of Arts opened. Petrol bowser erected in front of store. Local bushfires.

1928    Erowal land sales as ‘Royal Park Estate.’ Electricity arrives in Nowra.

1929    Local bushfires.Tomerong Hill deviation (west) constructed. New Huskisson Pub constructed. Timber workers 48hr strike.

1930    Highway bituminised through the village. RAN College moved to Victoria. Depression. Council workers laid off due to shortage of funds from non-receipt of rates.

1931    Original Church building removed and new Sunday school erected on same site.

1932    Butcher’s shop proposed.

1933    Tomerong first grade cricket runners up.

1934    Junior Farmer’s Club formed. Tomerong wins Shoalhaven first grade cricket premiership.

1935    Tomerong Red Cross branch formed. Tomerong wins the Shoalhaven first grade Cricket premiership.

1936    Tomerong first grade cricket runners up.

1937    Petrol bowsers erected opposite Post Office.

1938    Electricity connected to the village. Local floods.

1939    Bushfires destroy Yalwal. Formation of Bush Fire Brigade (interrupted by war). WWII commences (1939-1945).

1940    Council and School support war effort.

1942    Road direction signs removed by Council. Bill Lackersteen resigns from Council.

1943    Junior Farmer’s Club reformed. James Watt II dies.

1945    Cloak rooms added to School of Arts. Air Station commissioned as HMS Nabbington (now HMAS Albatross).

1946    Tomerong servicemen and women return from war. Wireless purchased by School. South Tomerong has electricity connected.

1947    Tomerong Bush Fire Brigade re-established.

1948    Shoalhaven Shire proclaimed. Clyde Council final meeting. HMAS Albatross commissioned.

1949    Provisional school established at St Georges Basin. Local bushfires.

1951    Bill Lackersteen dies. Public Hospital built at Nowra.

1952    Local bushfires.

1953    New cricket pitch constructed at South Tomerong.

1954    School Library commenced.

1956    Bush fires at Tomerong and St Georges Basin.

1957    RAN College re-established. Local bush fires.

1958    Local floods.

1959    Sunday school building extended. Additional classrooms, store and ablutions constructed at school. Local floods.

1962c.  Erowal House burnt down by vandals.

1962.   School Centenary.

1964    Aboriginal cave paintings discovered at Wandandian. Uniform introduced at School. Sanctuary Point Public School opens. Eighty-two lives lost when HMAS Melbourne collides with HMAS Voyager off Jervis Bay.

1965    Local bush fires. Decimal currency instruction held at school.

1966    Tomerong Bush Fire Brigade re-established. TV set purchased for School. Street lighting installed in village. Registration required for National Service.

1967    Aboriginals given right to vote.

1968    Fire destroys sawmill on Blackbutt Range Road. New toilets at School.

1969    Proposed Steel Works and Nuclear Power Station on Jervis Bay.

1970    School reduced to one-teacher School. Tomerong Creek bridge widened.

1971    Local bush fires.

1972    Local commercial Radio Station opens (2ST).

1974    Local floods.

1976    Fiftieth anniversary of School of Arts.

1977    Union Church Centenary.

1978    Old School building demolished. Local floods.

1980    Tomerong bush fire claims two lives.

1981    Demountable classrooms installed at School. Second bridge built over the Shoalhaven at Nowra.

1982    Reticulated water supply connected to the village.

1984    Stewart Creek bridge widened.

1985    School of Arts piers replaced.

1986    School receives computer.

1987    Tomerong Church Committee dissolved. Corporal punishment abolished at Schools.

1990    School soccer field completed. School enrolments reach 100 for first time.

1991    New Bush Fire Brigade building opened on Church Street.

1993    Tomerong Bypass commenced. Tomerong School Council is formed. School residence is 100 years old.

1994    Ceiling installed at the School of Arts. The Shoalhaven Mobile Pre-School commenced operations from the School of Arts.

1995    Tomerong Bypass opens. New permanent school buildings erected.

1996    Post Office moves from Service Station to north of the School.

1997    Tomerong Forum commences.

2000    Tomerong Service Station building destroyed by fire and removed. Locals participate in Olympic Torch Relay and Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.