Sierra Negra, Mexico, March-April 2014
Tlanexelotl - a promising cave on top of a mountain
Galapagos, Equador, March 2014
Volcanospeleology conference
Patagonia, February-March 2014
A long bike ride through Chile/Argentina
Tzontzecuiculi 2014
3D model of the caves we've been exploring
at Ocotempa/Tzontzecuiculi.
The caves way up high are the past three years' effort.
(Acrobat 7 or newer)


Peru, September-October 2012
A reccee in the Peruvian Andes,
Snezhnaya 2011-2012
A quick trip to Peshera Snezhnaya,
Bzip massif, Abkhazia - December-January


Paisano 2011
A cave prospecting expedition high on the Tzontzecuiculi massif,
Puebla, Mexico - March-April
A bicycle ride along the Carretera Austral
Chilean Patagonia - February


Picos 2010
Annual summer expedition to continue exploration in the central massif,
Picos de Europa, Spain - August
Vuvu 2010
French led expedition to Bik bik & Lik lik Vuvu caves in the Nakani Mtns,
Papua New Guinea- January-March


Tres Quimeras, 'Una cueva chingona' with the Quebecois. Puebla, Mexico - March/April


Time to get into some exploration in Ocotempa, Puebla, Mexico - April
Cueva de los Guacheros in northern Venezuela, then Roraima, a tepui in the south - March


Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain with cavers mostly from northern Spain - July-August
Sierra Negra, Puebla, Mexico with the Mexpe expedition from Quebec - April
Ocotempa, Puebla, Mexico - March


Voronia, Arabika Massif, Abkhazia with Cavex - August
Ozto Ocotal (J2), Oaxaca State, Mexico - April
Cave prospecting in Puerto Cristal, Patagonia, Chile - March
Dolphins in Fiordo Barros Luco, Patagonia, Chile - February
Isla Madre de Dios, Patagonia, Chile - January-February


Voronia, Arabika Massif, Abkhazia with Cavex - August


Cantabria, Spain - November
Voronia, Arabika Massif, Abkhazia with Cavex - July
Prospecting Cheve area, Mexico with the USDCT - March-April


Voronia, Arabika Massif, Abkhazia with Cavex - August

Jenolan tourist caves N-S projected section

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