Plants of Ash Island

Habitat key
RF  - rainforest
W   - woodland
FW - freshwater wetland
SW - saltwater wetland
M    - mangrove
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Lillypilly, Coochin-Coochin* Small bushy tree, cream flowers, white or purple round fruit. RF
Lemon Aspen, Baurella* Small tree, oblong leaves, white flowers, white fruit RF
Birdseye, Wild Quince Small tree, green capsules splitting to reveal a black seed covered with a bright red aril. RF
Red Ash, Coraming* Small to medium tree, black globular fruit RF
White Bottlebrush, Bood-Jong* Medium tree, white bottlebrush flowers, pink new growth. RF,W
Native Caper, Douguru* Small tree, large white fragrant flowers. RF
Red Olive Plum Small tree, bright orange or red ovoid fruit. RF
Swamp Oak, Karakanbr** Large tree with rough bark and needle-like foliage. RF, W
Hairy Clerodendrum, Thurkoo* Small to medium tree, white flowers, bright red sepals RF
Tuckeroo, Yoworro* Small to medium spreading tree, orange-yellow three-lobed capsule RF
Black Plum, Bowra* Shrub or small tree, shiny black elliptic fruit RF
Rosewood, Moncondie* Small to medium tree, cream flowers, round pinkish fruit RF
Blueberry Ash, Hard Quandong, Woolah* Tall tree, small blue round fruit. RF
Swamp Mahogany, Burrooma** Dark green large leaves, fibrous bark, cream flowers. W
Creek Sandpaper Fig, Wallamba** Small tree, sandpapery leaves. RF
Sandpaper Fig, Djaribat** Small tree, large shiny sandpapery leaves. RF
Rusty Fig, Port Jackson Fig, Warrauka* Large tree, large shiny leaves. RF
Broad-leafed Scrub Wilga Erect tree with bushy crown RF
Narrow-leafed Scrub Wilga, Koka* Medium tree RF
Cheese Tree Densely bushy tree, green turning reddish capsules resembling a cheese wheel. RF
Native Frangipanni, Wollum-Wollum** A showy tree, fragrant cream flowers turning yellow. RF
Prickly Tea Tree, Bellbourie** Large shrub or tree, prickly leaves, white flowers. RF,W
White Cedar, Korrabakh** Large deciduous tree, purple flowers, yellow fruit in bunches. RF
Doughwood Small tree, clusters of cream flowers, brown capsules. RF
Large Mock Olive, Bulgarn* Medium tree, yellow flowers, bluish-black egg-shaped fruit.. RF
Snow-wood Small tree, white flowers aging to orange, orange twisted seed pods. RF
Sweet Pittosporum, Mock Orange, Dinjin* Large tree, white fragrant flowers, orange-yellow round fruit. RF
Black Apple Large tree, blue-black plum-like fruit, large dark-green leaves. RF
Plum Pine, Brown Pine, Gurra-Warra* Large tree, bluish plum-like stalk with a seed at the top. RF
Celery Wood, Undambie* Tall tree with umbrella-shaped crown, purple fruit in large clusters at the tree-top. RF
Two-leafed Tuckeroo Medium tree, smooth yellow three-lobed capsules. RF
Flintwood Medium tree, berry dark red turning black, RF
Whalebone, Laguebie* Small tree, small round yellow fruit. RF
Red Cedar, Woodgie* Large deciduous tree with a wide spreading crown. RF
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Orange Thorn Small prickly shrub with round orange berries. RF
Green Native Cascarilla Cream flowers in spikes, bright orange old leaves. RF
Australian Indigo Spindly, soft leaves of leaflets, pink pea flowers W
Bleeding Heart Shrub to small tree, heart-shaped leaves, purple capsules. RF
Swamp Paperbark, Piyerbang* Shrub with fine leaves and white flowers in spring. W
Prickly-leaved Paperbark, Yuppee** Large shrub, sharp pointed narrow leaves, cream ball flowers.  W
Rough Pittosporum Small shrub, yellow rough fruit opening to reveal red sticky seeds. RF
Poison Peach, Dinjin* Small shrub, small finely-toothed leaves, small shiny round black fruit. RF
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Large-leaved Staff Vine Climbing shrub, orange fruit. RF
Water Vine, Careunga* Vigorous climber with blue-black berries. RF
Stiff Jasmine, Boggy-Boggy* Climbing shrub with fragrant white flowers and shiny black berries. RF
Cockspur Thorn Vigorous scrambler, thorns, and orange fleshy fruit. RF
Creepers, climbers and twiners 
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Dainty twiner with white flowers RF
Devil's Twine, Natcha* Semi-parasitic twiner, yellowish-green RF
Slender Grape, Mor-Bir** Climber with tendrils and black round berries. RF
Old Man's Beard, Traveller's Joy, Minamberang* Woody climber with white flowers in spring RF
White Cynanchum, Thooromia* Twiner with dainty white flowers, oblong green seed-pods. RF
Wombat Berry, Wambaj* Understorey twiner with yellow berries. RF
Scrambling Lily Understorey twiner with pale pink flowers and black berries. RF
Purple Coral Pea, Waraburra* Climber with purple pea flowers RF
Dusky Coral Pea Vigorous climber with dark red pea flowers. RF
Wonga Vine Vigorous climber, clusters of small cream tubular flowers. RF
Common Silkpod Woody vine, cream hairy tubular flowers, long seed pod. RF
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Pacific Azolla Fern on water surface. FW
Common Nardoo Wetland fern with four leaflets FW
Sickle Fern Erect fronds with 10 to 40 pairs of leaflets. W
Elkhorn, Cowar* Epiphyte, pendulous forked leaves RF
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Needle Mistletoe Long thin rounded leaves, deep pink flowers. RF, W
Mistletoe, Bhangeary* Oblong rounded leaves, yellow and red flowers. RF
Mistletoe Long slender leaves, red and green flowers. W
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
River Mangrove Small and multi-stemmed  M
Grey Mangrove, Goe-On** Large single-trunked tree with pneumataphores. M
Rushes, sedges and reeds
Sea Rush, Bittrow* Tussock-forming rush FW
Pale Sedge, Dullwarrina* Medium sedge FW
Broad-leaf Cumbungi, Maranda* Tall rush, brown velvet seed heads. FW
Wetland herbs
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Creeping Monkey-flower Mat-forming with purple and yellow flowers. FW
Glasswort, Samphire Fleshy blue-green or reddish segmented stems. SW
Seablite Fleshy bright-green clumps. SW
Warrigal Cabbage, Birira* Prostrate, broad leaves. SW
Water Ribbons, Wanna* Ribbon-like leaves, flower spike. FW
Streaked Arrowgrass, Anamum* Tufted grass-like, flower spike. SW
Woodland herbs
          Species Common Name Description Habitat
Scurvy Weed Bright blue flowers. W,RF
Spider Lily, Warrkarr* Broad strap-like leaves and large white flowers.. W,RF
Kidney Weed Mat-forming, with greenish-white flowers. W,RF
Geranium Pale pink flowers. W,RF
Pepper Plant, Mao-Warang* Succulent low-growing herb. W,RF
Whiteroot Dark green leaves, white fan-shaped flowers W,RF
Pastel Flower Dark green leaves, mauve or white flowers with purple spots. W,RF
Buttercup Fine leaves, bright yellow flowers W,FW
Native Violet Dark green kidney-shaped leaves, purple and white flowers. W,RF

   * Aboriginal names provided by Carol Ridgeway-Bissett of the Maaiangal Aboriginal Heritage Inc.
   * Names in the Katang language except for those marked ** which are in the Worimi language.