-Project Saitama- Academy // S.S.H. Hypothetical Interview

S.S.H. Hypothetical Interview


Could you briefly tell the story of your childhood, your upbringing, your history, and your discovery of music?

Musically speaking, who or what (musicians and/or bands) would you consider your biggest influences?

The "Metal Max" series is a game franchise you seem to be particularly fond of (and one that is almost completely foreign to Western/non-Japanese audiences) - you have casually referred to it several times as well as arranged some of its music. What is it about the games and its soundtracks that you find interesting?

In 2004, you composed and arranged the soundtrack for the Sega Ages Gain Ground game (Sony PlayStation 2). What was the experience like, working on a Sega product? For your own original contributions (i.e. the "extra game" music), did they make any particular demands or were you mainly left to your own devices?

Although "Forgotten Ruins" is technically regarded as an original (mini) album, you mention that you envisioned an associated "8-bit cyberpunk 3D dungeon game". "Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei" - how close was my guess?

You may be excel at arranging Touhou music but are you any good at Danmaku (Bullet Curtain/Hell) games?

To the Western/non-Japanese world, you are nameless and faceless, to the extent that some still refer to you as "that S.S.H. "band" that does some awesome heavy metal game tunes", unaware that "S.S.H." is a person. May I ask why you are shrouded in mystery?