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S.S.H. Store (Last updated: 2020/12/12)

All prices shown are in Australian dollars (AUD). As of September 2020: 1 USD = ~1.41AUD (1 AUD = 0.71 USD).

The shipping price depends on the weight and country. In general, shipping to USA is about $22 AUD (about $16 USD) for one item. For Europe, a few dollars more. Combined shipping is possible. For example, 2~4 albums (depending on weight) can be shipped to USA for $25 to $30 AUD. Due to current events, economy shipping is not available and online tracking is compulsory.

To begin the transaction, send an email to (layzee AT exemail DOT com DOT au) with the items you are interested in, and I will reply with an invoice (including shipping costs) by PayPal.

Item: Saitama Saisyu Heiki & Aether: Juicehead Joker

Info: Mint condition.

Price: $18

Item: Lost Child - Original Soundtrack Alternative Side-X

Info: The disc is in near-mint condition with a few light scratches.

Price: $35

Item: Lost Child Original Sound Track from S.S.H Side-A

Info: The disc is in near-mint to mint condition.

Price: $55

Item: Saitama Saisyu Heiki: Return to the Psy-Tama

Info: This album is in brand new/unused condition. The music consists of mainly heavy metal/rock music.

Price: $22

Item: Koihime Enbu (Limited Edition)

Info: The game disc is in mint condition with no scratches. The music CD is brand new and sealed.

Price: $80



Price: $