Shoalhaven Motorpsort Complex - Raceway

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Shoalhaven Motorpsort Complex - Raceway

Unread postby Wayne » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:53 pm

We need your support for a new first class raceway.

For decades the Nowra District Motorcycle Club has operated a motocross track about 10kms southwest of Nowra. Recently, the Commonwealth Government announced $9.5M in support of a current development proposal to significantly upgrade the district into a motorsport park and to include a race track comparable to what NSW lost with the redevelopment of Oran Park. This project has been advancing over the last two years, timely, since the loss of Oran Park Raceway.

No matter how good this purports to be, there is always the loud minority citing the orchids are rare, and the impact on the environment is unacceptable. The fact is this proposal’s immediate neighbour is the Albatross Defence Air Base.

On 21 December 2015 the naysayers commenced a petition for the State to reject the proposal. At the time of writing this has 537 supporters and a strong voice. The objects are primarily centred around noise, traffic and environment.

On 4 January 2016 a supporters petition was commenced and by comparison has 2,105 supporters. But it needs more. The facts are simple. Once again the State planning panel (JRPP) is likely to give in to the voices in the wilderness and NSW will be deprived of one of the most ideal options for a new race track, and supporting infrastructure such as a Motorsport Service Subdivision as a part of the existing Aviation Technology Park with the potential for a direct link to the track for unregistered competition cars.

The Mayor & the Shoalhaven City Council General Manager have publicly supported this proposal.

The applicant is given until the end of January to submit further supporting information. Your simple vote will assist to get this proposal approved.

You can follow this link to support the proposal: & click on the title: Supporters of Shoalhaven Motorsports Complex

A statement is not essential however, here is one which is copied from the website being brief, to the point and widely encompassing the primary issues:

The public and community benefit considerably outweighs the very minor environmental loss. The noise impact on very few which are distant in any case, and the proposal is located in an ideal location as to have minimal disruption to traffic. In fact, there probably is not a better location in the entire State of NSW when you consider the high unemployment in the Shoalhaven which will be reduced by the proposal which has massive secondary economic benefits to the region.

Some further information can be found at: ... ck/?cs=203 & ... g-facility

We hope you endorse support for this Motorsport Park where we can meet and expand on our motoring interests.

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