How to create new events posts

Here you will find details of our upcoming Events, including meeting times and detailed route maps. This forum is read only. See the General Forum for discussions of upcoming events.

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How to create new events posts

Unread postby Jonesy » Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:55 pm

The Planned Events forum is locked to moderators only.
If you have a planned event, you can still use the below template, but you will have to post it in the normal forum.

If you want to make a new post for an event, use the below template.
[myeventtitle]Event Name[/myeventtitle][myeventdate]Event Date with superscript: n[super]th[/super] Month YYYY[/myeventdate][myeventtime]Event Time[/myeventtime][myeventroute]Planned Route[/myeventroute]
[googlemapsurl]Google Maps URL - Use the 'Embed' URL[/googlemapsurl]

(note: after pasting the map link the frame tags need to be removed from the beginning and end of the link address)
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