GS Motorrad OZ Style 

trnsbmw.gif (3776 bytes)  Bikes based on 247 motors & pre 87 frames

Captain Invincible atop Mt Kaputar central NSW
'Taken in Fred's Shed date unknown!'

Questions like "Where did you get it!"  Who builds this bike?  Answer We did!  At home scaled up from photos!

From West Australia 

Top of the list has to be Fred Powell from Jerramungup in WA.  This bike & it's rider, along with his brother who has his own similar special, have done many major trips e.g.the Canning Stock Route (without external support), the Gun Barrel Highway etc.  Fred and this GS has also competed against Gaston Rahier as a Privateer in the inaugural Australian Safari in 86!.     The German mechanics swarmed around this bike at the start line with

'Another Aussie Special the lads fron Spandau came out to measure up!' From Victoria (1)  

Back in the late 70's Lindsay Urqhart was a Technical Manger with BMW Australia.  He had visited Munich and seen the ISDT development underway there.   Determined that we could also build an "All Road" BMW suitable for Australian conditions, he set to with a 90s engine & the tube bender.                  (Photo courtesy of 2 Wheels)


Geoff halls project GS - Photo taken I'd say aroun Bingara NSW.  (coutesy Two Wheels 1981) He purchased one very early one (ex press?) and set to customising it to suit our conditions.   Even then, given the limited variety of accessories.  Note the rack - always a weak point in AUS, here Geoff has braced it through to the main frame loop.  Photo taken prior to fitting a 42lt Heinrich tank ($$$$!!) From New South Wales

Geoff Hall, a BMW mounted high miler and freelance motor cycle journalist had conquered large parts of Australia on his R75/5 when the R80GS was first released in Australia.

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Jimboomba R80GS Mono Rider From Queensland

A group of serious BM off road serious riders from the Jimboomba district of QLD demonstrate what been done to  the R80GS (monolever) to improve its performance.  Mods include better forks (Honda XR or WP / Ohlins etc), improved rear suspension and lightening of the machine generally.   Rather than go the German Hard Alloy route for panniers, Aussies often modify hard plastic "Jerri Cans" to suit!

dgs@shg.jpg (47111 bytes) From Queensland (3)

Fellow club member "Darryl Gowlett" owns this R80GS.  This bike has been "everywhere" and I mean down a few roads too!   Darryl needed a tank "to get to everywhere" and this is what he had built!  No point trying to hit this with the ugly stick!  It's already been shot.          The lads at the "Off Centre" thought the picture might take his eyes of the tank!       Bike behind is the author's original GS!

walg_1.jpg (32006 bytes) From Queensland (4)

The author's own special.  Based on the factories 85 'Paris Dakar' with all parts made locally.   

Click here for a more detailed view!

herbshek.jpg (151847 bytes) From Europe (1)

OK... OK I know it's not and Australian photo, however it is a good exampleof the evolution of the Monolever from privateer race shop special to produiction. 

The bike on the right is Herbert Scheks 80 Paris to Dakar entry! You can see Auriols winner in this one.  Right down the shell less headlight rim!

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From Europe (2)

Continuing on the same theme of 'trick' design.   Here is a particularly tasty piece of Swiss work.  To get a twin shock solution the own has had a 1/2 arm fitted to the LHS of the Mono arm.

Note also the tri-angulated sub frame.  Very sano indeed!

trnsbmw.gif (3776 bytes)  Did you know that if you minimalise your form & function too much then you cannot carry the required amount of beer to the Rallye!