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Bikes with singles, 247 & 259 twins based on post 86 frames

Page updated 16/12/99

Captain Invincible atop Mt Kaputar central NSW
mcard_gs.jpg (52296 bytes) From Victoria (2)

A fairly standard R80GS Paralever that has done a lot of serious rally miles.  It's owner Chris McArdle has set the machine up to be comfortable for quick interstate blasts before it hits the dirt & travels on until the "Road Ends"!  Fairing is translated from R100Rs, it features pot racks and a Brown Bros side stand!

Jimboomaba R80/100GS rider From Queensland (2)

Same group - the R100GS (paralever).  These lads are the group that two years ago conquered the Canning Stock Route (Photos taken at a wet Karuah rally on there arrival from Brisbane largely by dirt (1000km)

Note those panniers again! - about the fastest rugged ones you can make.   A set of nylon 20lt Jerricans with the tops sawn off & canvas covers secured by shock cord & "Ute Hooks".

'A Troop of R1100GS photo'd at the Karuah Rallye 1999'

Broken frame gearbox mounts are not uncommon here this has caused the factory to release the "Adventure" kit.   These are fitted in Australia for a labour charge only and  I have not heard of a subsequent failure yet!

The "oilhead" GS does has some draw backs in tough going.  The telelever fork jams easily with mud & clay, a problem in Australian blacksoil roads with rain.  Also the engine lacks flywheel & the ability to lug without wheelspin. 

The Present?

The R11000 GS is good seller is Australia but it has not been without teething problems in our harsh country.  Most modifications appear limited to suspension changes eg. Ohlins front & back is common but I have also seen Fournales installed. 

Redeisgned swing-arm / foot peg mount - Stronger than an Adventure Kit??

But out on most dirt roads it's certainly the "Jet" adventure tourer and a real two up machine

From the Future??

BMW were certainly taken by surprise with their win last year in Paris Dakar.  But are now becoming serious again about rallye raids.

Their race team is based on two thrusts with deveopment work down by two seperate companies.  The first is the race bike based on the 650 single and is developed by Richard Schalber GMBH. 

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The production of the F650 has been returned to Spandau after 4 years at Aprilla.  Sources indicate that a F650GS is in the pipe line for realease in 00.  This is long overdue as the motor is "best in class" but the suspension and the 19" front wheel are a let down for serious dirts work.

In Australia we are seeing 650s getting on in mileage without any real issues.  I dont expect them to have the "between overhaul" time of a type 247 boxer motor but their looking good!

The second race direction is the R11000 GS based contender from  HPN!   The guys have been the BMW dirt twin specialists since teh first PD win. 

Does this point the way to a serious production oilhead GS from BMW?       Will it win Dakar Cairo 2000??

This is serious quality work!

Courtesy Mottorrad & Jean Moxhet

(Love those real forks & big Bings!)

trnsbmw.gif (3776 bytes)  Did you know that if you minimalise your form & function too much (Like the GS1100! Here) then you cannot carry the required amount of beer to the Rallye!