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GS Performance

Here is the spot where you get to give an opinion of your particular model's performance.   To send your tip to be added to this page 

On this page, we also focus on GS constructors like HPN

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R80GS Monolever

Front End - All models to 86 (1)

1. Fit a forged alloy triple clamp (available from USA at CCC Products)

2. Fit a factory or after market fork brace  

3. Drain & refill forks to standard level with 7.5wt oil, and

4. Fit a fork spring spacer in each leg, a factory part for a R100RS.           [Ron Durkin]     

Front End - All models to 86 (2)

1. Fit a forged alloy triple clamp available from USA at CCC Products, locally at specialist dealers like the BMShop

2. Fit Gold Valve cartridge emulators and have standard damping rods modified as well by Promecha in Melbourne.  This firm provides a detailed tuning service and can manufacture springs as well depending on calculations derivbed from your input on such matters as riding style (your) loaded weights etc [Chris McArdle]                                                                                                            

R80GS Paralever             Awaiting Input

R100GS Paralever           Awaiting Input

R1100GS Paralever         Awaiting Input


MZ ETZ250 ..... Where do you want me to start!

trnsbmw.gif (3776 bytes) BMW Specialist Builders

zentralschwinge_klein.jpg (12874 bytes) HPN   Those busy fellows have been at it again, showing their craftsmanship and of course the versatility of the boxer.  HPN participated heavily in the development of the GS specials made for the original Paris dakar entries.

Check out their internet site at .... HPN accesories

For a view of a good selection of HPN machines check out this site from ///// (note German language only)

trnsbmw.gif (3776 bytes)    Did you know that one of the most effective mods is to make a rack that safely carries a slab of VB?  Your riding mates will appreciate it!