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The Mystery Bag
(October 2000)

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.A BM wheel during the first Gunbarrel crossing!

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Adventure motorcycle riding (aka 'All Road' Touring) is "getting out there", it's off the black top and into the heart of Australia.  One must admit, a land uniquely suited for adventure riding.   From lush rainforest to the arid but starkly beautiful "outback", Australian bush has got the lot!   Thus this site is about adventure riders and the riding to be had in Australia!

Motorcycle have travelled and rallied everywhere in Australia, especially since 1980 when BMW's  GS upped the ante in this class!   

However GS style ie. "GelandStasse" is not really just about one model or one marque! 

Yes! It really get's cold in the Great Sandy Desert   Mt Dare Station 1994

To our mind it's an "all road" adventure riding concept that has really found it's home here in Australia!  

Whether it's practised in the coastal ranges of the east,

the very "red centre' (read desert) of our country, or the red sandy soil of WA in the west!.  You will find both Adventure riders and plenty of GS out there!  
Here then on these pages are a slice of information and links on Australian Adventure Riding! 

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