Roadside diaphragm-nostics at one of our first rides.

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We encourage   ...!

1) Road & track descriptions, updates on condition of the adventure routes
in Australia

2) Bike modifications - what model ("all welcome") what tricks works for you

3) Load tips - packing, bike performance when loaded, useful accessories and what NOT to take!

4) Adventure stories - what did you do, where did you get.

5) Adventure tips for all members who are planning an OZ Adventure

6) Future adventure rides .. what are you planning ? share with us!  Want company ?

7) Oh yeah .. if your an Aussie "sticking it up your mates" but only in
tasteful & caring manner! .... and

8) Some posts are really 'Chit Chat' between two people!  When you post remember the rule, "Does everyone need to know this?" if not!  Go one or one via direct addressing!